vividchain: Team and Management Assistant (f/m)

vividchain is a visionary startup with the overall goal to create and establish disruptive interactive products and services. Our core philosophy is to stimulate positive social and economical change.


Today most people are online all the time. Yet, instead of bringing people together, mobile apps often isolate their users and lock their gaze on their own screens. Actually, even „social games“ do not lead to new contacts in real life. We see technology as a tool that should empower people to connect with what surrounds them in real life. With our apps and mobile games, we foster real interactions and new relationships between people all over the world.


We find the current economy system unfair and want to establish instead the“Profit-Sharing Economy”, a fair system where profit is shared among all contributors who created it. Thus, in our projects we split all the profit among all parties that enabled for this profit, esp. our staff, our customers/players, and our environment/planet. For an example of an already launched Profit-Sharing project, have a look at our partner startup LivingPackets ( support our C-level and to maintain and improve our agile organization, we are right now looking for a Team and Management Assistant (f/m)


You will support our app- and game-development teams as well as our C-level. Thereby, you bring in your professional skills to manage our office, and your openmindedness and creativity to develop solutions that are tailored to our agile and growing startup. The range of tasks will be widespread and adopted to your individual competencies and interests, but will certainly include:

  • direct assistance for our CEO, COO and CTO (mails, calls, appointments,..)
  • assistance for our development teams (environment, culture, supply,..)
  • conception and creation of appealing documents (presentations, texts,..)
  • common administration and organization tasks
  • public relations, eg. correspondence within the company group as well as with existing and new external partners and stakeholders
  • so much more we can not tell without knowing your strengths and interests


  • Inspiring studio atmosphere with a heterogenous team of highly talented visionaries (designers, programmers, change managers, psychologists, communication designers, artists, and more)
  • Direct knowledge transfer between all employees
  • Individual coaching and continuous sparring partners
  • Lots of space for thinking outside the box and trying out innovative approaches
  • Lots of space on our sunny rooftop terrace in the heart of Friedrichshain
  • Always working on eye level with everyone, from trainees to board members

as well as a New Work environment, characterized by

  • no narrow-minded roles (define the role that perfectly matches your competences and interests)
  • no hard-coded workflows (develop tailored workflows for our agile startup)
  • no fixed working hours (work the way you live, not the other way around)
  • strong togetherness (excursions, communal cooking, flat hierarchy)
  • weekly Free Friday (free time to spark your own ideas)


  • Sufficient knowledge of business administration
  • The desire to take over growing responsibility
  • Interest in technology, design, art, culture, and/or games
  • A fresh thinking approach: You tend to always reflect upon what’s the goal and how to get there (Design Thinking is a plus)
  • Excitement about new work & evolving young company structures
  • Ambitions to make this world a slightly better place
  • Preference to work in an innovation-driven and strongly collaborative way
  • Experiences with growing structures is a plus


Please send us your application with cover letter, CV, and portfolio to

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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